We Have A Buyer For Your Home.

 Save Time, Save Money. Remove Uncertainty.


We have pre-approved buyers for homes across Michigan. In an effort to service these buyers we are offering sellers the opportunity to save money and time.

We are asking for the opportunity to show your home if we bring an offer to the table that results in a closing you agree to pay us a reduced fee. We will handle all the paperwork and working with lenders.

This is not a full listing it is a compensation agreement or single party listing for our buyers. This is a quick and painless sale opportunity and a way to remove uncertainty from your sale. If a fast, smart and easy sale is something you may be interested in, please contact the Buyer Direct Team leader:


How this works:

You call us and tell us about your home, we will run your information through our database to identify potential buyers, let our buyers' agents know and reach out to you to schedule showing appointments. We will also send you a ChangingStreets.com "Prepping Your Home For Showings" checklist (the better the home looks and feels the better your odds), and blank disclosures to fill out prior to your showings.

We will also send a one-party listing or compensation agreement.

If you agree to an offer, we do all the paperwork, schedule inspections, closing and work with the lender. When you get your money, you pay us!

It is that easy.


If your home is listed with another agent, this offer does not apply.