There are many options for today's home sellers, we can help you explore them all:


Direct Sales: We can sell and close your home very quickly. This type of sale is for the seller looking for a maximum amount of certainty in a very short amount of time. Due to the traffic on our web site and years in business, we have a large pool of buyers waiting for the right opportunity.

For Sale By Owner Options: Today's hot market creates an opportunity for some sellers. A great story and great photos on the right web site can secure a buyer in hours. We have the system that makes sure you are telling the correct story, getting the best price and creating a smooth transaction. www.HomeDipity.com offers For Sale by Owner programs.

Premium Service: For the seller that wants to hand over the keys and let us sweat all the details, and the details make all the difference. We work with HomeDipity! to curate an amazing listing with professional photos and a story that will inspire today's buyers.


Not sure which is for you? We promise transparency and full market reports to help you decide, even offer a custom plan for those that want to be "a little involved".  All packages come with:

Three-Point Pricing -including market velocity report, CMA, and third-party valuation services.

Pre-Listing Preparation - We think it is the best in the business, using multiple input sources we compiled a list that puts the WOW into your listing.

Professional Photos - THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE in real estate photos. We dove deep into data to make sure the right photos are taken, from the correct angle and curated in a way that inspires today's buyers. Your listing will stand out in a positive way.

Total Listing Curation - Comments, photos, collateral, and online imaging make a huge difference. We understand how to speak to your buyers on their terms.

MLS Listed Properties include high-security electronic lock boxes for showings, direct feedback from showing agents, weekly active listing reports to provide you with the market intelligence you need. 



We put a great deal into all our listings. They do not only tell our clients story, they tell ours. Please let us demonstrate how we sell homes.

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