Did You Hire the Right Agent?

Are you happy with your real estate agent? Hopefully the answer is yes because you may be contractually stuck with them for months. That’s why it’s really important to do a little research before you hire a Realtor. How do you know you have hired a good one?

·        Do they have a good track record and experience in the real estate world? If you are selling your home, does this agent have successful sales experience in your area and price range? Ask for references and do a little research.

·        Are they easily reachable? Do they respond to your calls and inquiries? Are they reasonably available for showings? You need someone who will respond quickly because houses sell very fast in today’s market.

·        Are they savvy with current marketing trends especially on social media? Not everyone is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the many other social media outlets but many buyers out there are. If you’re selling your house, you want a person who knows how to market your home on as many different venues as possible.

·        Are they listening to you? Every seller or buyer has their own list of needs and circumstances and it’s important that your agent is taking note of those and gearing their efforts to satisfy them. You don’t want someone who handles every sale or purchase the same way like a robot. Everyone is different.

These are just a few important things to look for in a good real estate agent. Navigating the sale or purchase of a home can become overwhelming and you need a good Realtor® to help you with the process. If you are looking for a Realtor® who exhibits all these qualities call ChangingStreets.com today!