Spring Season Chores


Spring is just around the corner (hopefully) and with the nicer, warmer weather comes a whole new list of household chores. Each season brings a different list of jobs to attend to around your home which helps to make maintenance a little less overwhelming. Here are a few to tackle this spring:

·        Clean the gutters and check them for cracks or any other damage. Make sure they are draining properly away from the foundation of your home.

·        Check the shingles on your roof for any wear and tear. Shingles that are loose, cracked or peeling should be replaced. You don’t want those spring showers to cause any water damage inside your house.

·        The winter cold and wind can be ruthless to your windows so make sure the caulking and seals are intact to keep the spring rains out.

·        Prepare your lawnmower for summer by changing the oil if needed and sharpening mower blades. Regular oil change help to extend the life of your equipment.

·        Get your air conditioner cleaned and tested early to make sure it’s functioning properly before the heat of summer sets in. Air conditioner repairmen’s schedules get filled up fast, especially when it’s hot and everyone else’s air conditioners are breaking down too.

·        Walk around the yard and pick up any tree branches that have fallen and rake up any leaves leftover from fall, so they don’t suffocate your grass.

Keeping on top of these seasonal chores is important. The goal is to protect your investment and the way to do that is to do regular maintenance.