Feng Shui for Love

Set the mood for romance this Valentine’s Day by using the principles of Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese discipline is a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Even if you are skeptical of its effectiveness it certainly can’t hurt! Whether you’re single or already have a partner, give these tips a shot and hopefully more love will pour into your life this year.


Declutter your bedroom. Get rid of excessive pillows on your bed. The idea is to create space for your special partner. Also, don’t store a lot of belongings under your bed especially if they are sharp edged or your quality of sleep may suffer.


Two is better than one in the bedroom. If you’re trying to attract a partner or enhance the flow of love in your bedroom think in pairs. For example, place a nightstand on both sides of the bed. Put a pretty lamp on each nightstand. If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, make sure there are two chairs. This creates a warm and welcoming space for two people to live comfortably not just one.


The décor on your walls is important as well. Don’t decorate them with family pictures or artwork depicting depressing scenes. Choose decorations that make you feel happy when you look at them and mirror the love you want in your home.


Electronics in the bedroom give bad vibes. According to Feng Shui devices such as tv’s, laptops, cell phones and exercise equipment create “active” energy which is not conducive to a bedroom environment. The goal is to be completely present with your partner and to clear the chattering mind without distractions.

Use the color red sparingly in your bedroom. In Feng Shui, red represents the Fire Element which corresponds to passion, emotion and high energy. This can be great on nights when you want passion or romance but may not be great every night of the week. The goal is to create a calm and soothing environment. Wear red or use it for accents in the room but in Feng Shui the best colors for bedroom walls are “skin colors”. From pale white to a deep, chocolate brown there are plenty of soothing colors to choose from.

You can use Feng Shui techniques in all areas of your home, but the bedroom is a great place to start. We spend a third of our lives there after all! This Valentine’s Day make your house a place where love can come home to.