Holiday Curb Appeal

If you’re trying to sell your home this holiday season, you may be hesitant about decorating it with too many festive trimmings. While it is good to proceed with caution, it really is fine to deck the halls and have wonderful curb appeal at the same time. Here are some tips to keep your decorations tasteful:

·         When it comes to outdoor lights, simple is better. Use strings of lights to highlight the architectural details of your home. Or, if you have beautiful trees in your front yard, highlight a few with pretty lights. There’s no need to cover every square inch of your home and landscape with lights like the Griswold’s. Garish decorations may turn off potential home buyers and you don’t want to take any chances.

·         Keep your holiday inflatables packed away. You may love the playful quality of them but once again, they may turn off some buyers. You can use them next year for your new home if you wish.

·         Make your front porch area and doorway warm and inviting with a pretty wreath on the door and/or a couple of well-placed decorations. Remember, don’t go overboard! You’re aiming for a clean, classy entryway.

·         Inside, the rules are the same. Keep it simple and classy. Putting up a Christmas tree is fine but make sure it does not overpower the room it is in. You don’t want buyers to think your space is too small. A well placed, proportionate tree will be warm and inviting and may allow the buyer to picture themselves in your home celebrating during the holidays.

Don’t be nervous to put your home on the market during these winter months. It’s a great time to sell, especially now when the inventory of houses for sale is so low. Give us a call and any agent at would be happy to discuss the sale of your home and help you get it ready for market! 810-733-3374