Get Packing!

Probably one of the most stressful aspects of buying a home is the moving process that comes with it. Whether you are going to hire movers to do the work or you are going to do it all yourself there are some helpful things to keep in mind that may help to minimize the aggravation of moving.

·        Start decluttering and packing as soon as you are in the market to buy a new home. Go through your home and decide what you want to keep, donate or throw away (maybe organize a garage sale if you have time). Take one room at a time and pack as many non-essential belongings as you can ahead of time and the job won’t seem so overwhelming.

·        Stockpiling moving boxes is another great way to get ready for a move. Besides buying them, you may have luck on Craigslist or where people may be giving their boxes away. Another good place to check for free boxes is area liquor stores. Liquor boxes are usually sturdy and uniform in size.

·        If you can get your hands on several wardrobe boxes you will save a lot of time. You can clear out a closet full of clothes quickly with a couple of these boxes. No need to take the clothes off hangers. Just move them from your closet to the wardrobe box. However, before you transfer your hanging clothes, pack up miscellaneous closet items such as shoes, purses and belts in shopping bags and place them at the bottom of the box so you can maximize your packing space as much as possible. Wardrobe boxes are also great for bulky items such as bedding, comforters and pillows.

·        Use your luggage and duffle bags and pack your clothes, sheets, towels, paper products, etc.

·        On moving day have at least 10 extra empty boxes set aside for those last-minute items that need packing.

·        Label boxes both on the top and the side with a brief summary of the contents and what room they belong in. Try to keep all the boxes for the same room together so that they are loaded onto the truck together.

·        Make sure you pack a few special boxes to set aside where you have the essential items to make the first few nights in your new home more comfortable. These items might include bedding so that everyone has a comfy bed to fall into at night; bathroom supplies such as toilet paper, towels, shower curtain, toiletries, etc.; kitchen items such as a coffeemaker, a few bowls and plates, silverware, a skillet, etc. Each person also needs to pack a bag with essential clothing and personal items for a couple of days until all belongings can be unpacked and organized.

       Don’t wait until the last minute. The more you can do ahead of time the better. Come moving day, you want to be moving, not still packing!