Selling a Small House

The tiny house trend seems to be all the rage these days with many people trying to downsize and simplify their lives. But small houses are not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes having a tiny or small house may be a hindrance when it comes time to sell. How can you make your small home feel or appear more spacious to potential buyers?

·        The number one thing to do first is to get rid of clutter and excess furniture. Pack up as much of your belongings as possible including your figurine collection or any collection for that matter. Pack up all those books, CDs, DVDs on a shelf. Take down the family picture collection on the wall. If possible, remove large furniture, cabinets and tables and take the minimalistic approach to staging a room. Bulky furniture will engulf a room.

·        If possible, when staging the few pieces of furniture you have left, keep them out of the corners of the room. Visually, the eye will be fooled into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.

·        Paint all the rooms one color. If each room in your little house is a different color, the space is chopped up and disjointed. One color creates continuity and the appearance of more space.

·        Take down heavy drapes or window coverings. Leave the windows bare or cover with sheer curtains. When hanging the sheers, purchase a longer length so that you can hang them higher. This helps create the illusion of higher ceilings which make a room appear bigger.

·        Mirrors can help as well. By placing a mirror strategically across from a window, the natural light and outdoors will be reflected and help to extend the space visually.

       Whether you’re trying to live in a tiny house or trying to sell one, these tips will help maximize the space you do have, at least visually!