Make Your House Smile

How important are good pictures to your listing when you place your home on the market? In one word – VERY! Whether your home is valued at $10,000 or $500,000, the photos will be the first thing prospective buyers will see. Depending on the situation, your agent will either opt to take the photos themselves or they will hire a professional photographer. You as the client should always review these photos to make sure they show your home in the most attractive manner. As the homeowner though, you have the responsibility to prepare your house before the photo shoot. It won’t matter who’s taking the pictures if your house is a mess.

·         Clean and clear the clutter.

·         Make your walls and shelves look as minimal as possible. If your walls have a ton of family pictures on them or your shelves are crowded with knick knacks, start packing these items away. Basically, try to depersonalize your space as much as possible. You don’t have to take everything away but less is always more.

·         Stage your home in a neutral manner. Clean and lean is always better. Put your doll collection or DVD collection in boxes and out of site. If your living room has a ton of furniture in it, take one or two pieces out and put them in your garage or storage.

·         In the bedrooms, make sure the bedding is looking it’s best, no rumpled or unmade beds.

·         In the bathrooms, clean off the sinks and vanities – no makeup, toothbrushes, blow dryers, etc. Make sure the towels are folded and look nice.

·         In the kitchen put the toaster, blender and mixer away and make your counter tops appear clean and expansive.

·         Outside, make sure the grass is mowed and your landscaping is looking as good as possible for the photoshoot. It it’s winter, shovel the driveway and walkways if possible.

These tips will apply as your home is shown to various buyers as well. At first, it is a lot of work but once it’s done you and your family just need to maintain the clean and lean look until your home is finally sold.