Sellers Don't Assume

In today’s housing market where the inventory of houses for sale is very low compared to buyer demand, the seller has a bit of an advantage. This is what’s called a “seller’s market”. Eventhough it is a seller’s market in our area, you cannot automatically assume that your home will sell fast and with multiple offers to choose from. There is still work that must be done.

·        Hire a good real estate agent and listen to their advice. If they tell you that your house needs a good cleaning and de-cluttering, don’t be offended, just do the work that needs to be done. Your house will show better to potential buyers which may be reflected in the quality of offers received.

·        Make needed repairs to your home now. Don’t wait until after you put your home on the market. For example, if you have a crack in your ceiling, fix it. You don’t want a buyer to come view your house and see that. It will be a red flag for them and they may think the problem is worse than it really is.

·        Be very flexible for showings. You want as many buyers to view your home as possible. If you refuse or cancel a showing, that buyer may not come back. It can be a little stressful during this phase of your home sale but hang in there. One way to mitigate the stress is to enlist your family to keep the house as tidy as possible at all times. If your agent calls with a showing you will be ready. Also, plan to leave your house when buyers come through. Nobody wants the homeowners hanging over their shoulder while they walk through the house.

·         Review all offers with your agent with an open mind. Don’t let a couple hundred dollars kill a deal. A good agent will help you negotiate if needed. Try to keep your emotions under control during this stressful time, you don’t want to lose a good buyer over something negligible.

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