My House Sold!....Now What?

Congratulations you just sold your house! Now what?! As a seller, what should you be doing while waiting for your closing date? Normally you’ll have about 30-45 days so don’t just twiddle your thumbs, there’s plenty to do. (Hopefully you have already found a place to move in to!)

·         You (or your agent) will be expected to be available to let inspectors and appraisers in to do their jobs. Most of the time, your agent will suggest you leave during this time. If you choose not to leave, just stay out of the way. Answer any questions they may have but don’t offer any extra information or suggestions.

·         After the inspection and appraisal there may be some requests for repairs or other contingencies. Some financing such as FHA and VA require these repairs be made or the deal will die. Sometimes the buyer will ask you to make certain repairs based on the inspection. Speak with your agent about the best way to satisfy the buyer. Sometimes you can offer concessions at closing that will give the buyer a credit towards repairs.

·         You may be asked to provide Home Owners Association information, if there is one.

·         Gather up any household manuals, home warranties or repair logs for appliances, furnace and air conditioning units, alarm systems, etc. that are staying with the home. Set them aside for the new buyers.

·         Now’s a great time to start packing and getting rid of stuff. Have a garage sale if you can or donate unwanted items so that you don’t have to lug them with you to your new home.

·         Once you know your closing date or the date you will be vacating your home, contact your utility companies and let them know. You will want to get a final reading on that date. Don’t tell them to turn the utilities off as you may cause damage to the home!

·         Unless your purchase agreement states that you are taking the appliances, window coverings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc., leave them alone! If you want to take those items with you, it must be stipulated in your purchase agreement. You may not close on your home if a buyer does their final walk through and it’s not what they were expecting.

·         Don’t leave your house dirty. At the very least leave it broom clean. Take all your trash to the curb for garbage collection.

·         If closing day is your last day in your home, come to the closing with your house keys, garage door openers, etc.

It’s going to be a busy 30-45 days. There’s lots to do but in general the Golden Rule applies:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!