Buyers - Don't Make These Mistakes!

If you are a buyer in today's housing market you can't afford to lose time or make mistakes when putting your offer together. The inventory of houses on the market is very low so you may be competing with other buyers for the same house. Get your ducks in a row and avoid these mistakes. You may have a better chance of closing the deal on your next dream home.


·         Don't wait to get pre-approved or at least pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified simply means that you have spoken to a lender and told them your financial information. They will then give you a general idea of the amount of money you would qualify for when obtaining a mortgage or loan. Being pre-approved is actually filling out a mortgage or loan application and providing documentation. By getting pre-approved you will have an advantage over any other buyers who don't have their financial ducks in a row. It shows you are a serious buyer. 

·         Don't wait too long to make an offer and when you do, make it your highest and best. In this market when you find a home that fits all your criteria, don't agonize over making an offer. There are probably many other buyers lined up to see the house. You don't have time to wait. Also, make your offer as attractive as possible with your highest and best. This is no time to try to bargain or be too picky.

·         Don't work with an inexperienced real estate agent. The experienced Realtors at have the tools and skills to help you navigate this housing market with insight into upcoming inventory and knowledge to help you make an offer a seller can't refuse (so to speak!). 

This seller's market requires a little patience from everyone involved. It's easy to get frustrated especially if your offers are being declined or the house sells even before you're able to make an offer. Get pre-approved and call (810-733-3374). We'll take it from there!