Modernize Your Home on the Cheap

Is your house starting to look like Grandma’s and Grandpa’s (no offense Grandma and Grandpa!)? If you just want a more modern home or are planning on putting your home up for sale in the future, now’s the time to start modernizing it. There are many ways to do this and you don’t have to go broke in the process.

·         Fresh paint is the most obvious way to update your house. Take down any old outdated wallpaper or borders and clean, prime and patch your walls before you get started. If you are going to sell, choose neutral paint colors such as greys, beiges or slates as these are more appealing to potential buyers.

·         Get rid of outdated window treatments. Rip down those frilly or lacy curtains and valances, or cheap vertical blinds. Matching wooden blinds or roman shades are a much more modern choice.

·         Replace fixtures such as faucets, door handles and drawer pulls with updated ones. There are so many pretty ones to choose from. Just make sure they are all cohesive.

·         In the same vein, update your lighting fixtures. Poor or dim lighting can make a perfectly good room look small and depressing. Choose lamps and other lighting fixtures that are in the same family and will look good together. Brushed steel or nickel is more of a modern finish that gold or brass. There are so many pretty ones on the market to choose from.

·         Get rid of distracting clutter and knick knacks. Modernize your home by streamlining it and become more of a minimalist. You will notice an improvement in the overall energy and atmosphere in your home and it will appear as though there’s more living space – always a plus for potential buyers.

·         Rip out old carpets and install wood floors. This is not a cheap update but always upgrades and modernizes. Beautiful wood floors are a big selling feature for many buyers and always add value and beauty to your home.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Choose one project or even just one room to start. Pretty soon, you’ll have given your whole house a more modern makeover.