Moving Day is Approaching!

Our office will be moving in the very near future so packing and trying to make the move easier are in the forefront of our brains. For our clients who have just sold their houses or have just bought new ones, here are some basic tips to help make your move easier:

·         Start packing as early as you can!! It can be all too easy to procrastinate and get overwhelmed with the magnitude of the job at hand. A few weeks before your move, pack several boxes a day of your least essential items.

·         Pick a room, a closet or even just a dresser and get to packin’! This will help with that feeling of overwhelment that we spoke of earlier.

·         Label your boxes. On the top and sides of each box put a general description of the contents and what room it needs to go in. This may seem obvious but it often does not get done. You and the movers will know exactly where to put that box in your new home and it will be ready to be unpacked.

·         Use white packing paper. A lot of people try to save a little money and use newspaper to wrap up items but by doing this you run the risk of getting black ink on your belongings. Packing paper is cheap and will prevent you from potentially ruining your stuff.

·         Use moving boxes when possible. Moving boxes are sturdier and made to make packing and loading easier. If you opt to use grocery store boxes, just make sure they are sturdy enough to hold your items and be prepared to take a little more time to load them as they will not be quite as easy to stack.

·         Set aside valuables and important paperwork. Pack these up separately and personally deliver these items yourself. You don’t want to run the risk of loss or theft.


Having had lots of experience with moving, perhaps one of the most important tips here is not to procrastinate. Nothing is worse than showing up to help a friend move and they haven’t even finished packing! Makes for a very long and tiring day!