Open House Rules

If you’re in the market to buy a house you may have already attended a few open houses or showings. Sometimes the owner of the house has already moved out but many times all of their belongings are still in place. It’s important to remember some rules of etiquette as you look around.

Wipe your feet, or better yet, take your shoes off. The homeowners have probably made sure everything was clean and staged so don’t leave dirty footprints behind.

Don’t sit on the furniture unless it’s completely necessary. Once again, the homeowners may have tried to make that bed or couch you just sat on look perfect and now the covers are rumpled or the pillows are in the wrong place. If you do have to sit for some reason, make sure you straighten or fluff before you leave.

It’s ok to use the restroom during a showing or open house but be sure you ask the host or real estate agent first to make sure the plumbing works. Sometimes houses are winterized which means the water is turned off and the toilets will not flush. If you do use the restroom, make sure that it’s clean when you are done and flush the toilet!

Speaking of bathrooms, don’t rifle through medicine cabinets or bathroom drawers (or dresser drawers). You would not want somebody doing this with your belongings. Homeowners should put all prescription medications and valuables in a safe place during showings and open houses. Many times, people pretending to be buyers will come through open houses for the sole purpose of stealing. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t let your kids run amuck. Keep them in view at all times. For obvious reasons, they may break something or get injured. You don’t want your kids hurt or be liable for damages.

We wish you good luck on your home search but be sure to be nice. Don’t get put on the  naughty list this holiday season. If you need assistance in finding the perfect house, call and any one of our experienced agents will expertly guide you through the home buying process.