Design Trends

Home decor and trends are always evolving and changing over time. It’s fun to look back and see just how much, especially in eras such as the 50’s and 70’s which had such distinct character. If you’re thinking about building a home or updating one you already own, there are a few design trends that are quite popular today.

Quartz Countertops. The use of quartz for countertops has become even more popular today than granite. There are many different colors and patterns ranging from flecked to a wavy pattern which almost looks like marble (Note that quartz countertops are manufactured and the colors and patterns you see are man-made whereas granite is 100% natural stone and is mined in large slabs.)  Quartz’s ability to resist heat and scratches makes it even more durable than granite plus it’s stain resistant and never needssealing.

·         Subway Tiles. You may recognize subway tiles in older kitchens and bathrooms. The classic ones areglassywhite.These tiles are pretty popular in kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms today. Some designers are adding even more interest with a geometric pattern in a different color mixed in. Simple and classic never seems to go out of style.

·         Sliding Barn Doors. These doors can be used just about anywhere but are especially good for hanging over areas where there is no room for a standard door to swing open or closed, or for areas that have an unusual opening or that never had a door in the first place. They add a lot of character to any room and the hardware used to hang them adds an unusual design element.

·         Technological Improvements. Technological gadgets are always evolving of course but such things as having the house pre-wired for anything from Wi-Fi to whole house sound systems is quite popular today. Other fun upgrades include lights that go on automatically when entering a room and touchless faucets for kitchens and baths. You can even install “smart” technology whereby you can control anything from lighting, thermostat settings, locks on doors and video cameras in your house all from the convenience of your cell phone.

There are so many fun trends to choose from now. You just have to decide what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and how much you are willing to invest. Always keep in mind the return on your investment if you are planning to move in the near future.