Beautiful But High Maintenance

There are so many choices in today’s market when it comes to renovating or updating your home. Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision. Often we choose things that look beautiful but we don’t really take into consideration the time needed for upkeep or maintenance. Here are a few examples to consider:

Hardwood Floors. Hardwood is a great choice for flooring not only for its beauty and durability but also because it adds value to your home. Choose the color wisely though. Darker colors are very popular and beautiful but they tend to show dirt, dust and even foot prints much more than lighter colors. Now you can even buy ceramic tiles that look like wood. This offers a great low maintenance choice especially for entry ways, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Granite. Once again, who doesn’t like granite?! It’s a stone, so how much maintenance does it actually need? You wouldn’t think very much but granite is quite porous and needs to be sealed properly in order to avoid staining. This sealant can wear off over time and if not maintained properly granite can become stained with anything from wine to oil. Sometimes granite needs to be sealed on a yearly basis. It can also scratch and chip given the right circumstances. There are other beautiful options though such as quartz which doesn’t need sealing and will not as easily chip or scratch.  

Natural Fireplace. The crackle and smell of a natural wood fireplace is not easily duplicated but despite their beauty and ambiance, gathering wood and starting a fire requires a little bit of elbow grease. If you want a low maintenance version, a gas or electric fireplace is for you. Beware of higher gas/electric bills though if you choose one of these options.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors. Older shower doors with the metal frames tend to collect nasty gunk in the crevice where the glass and metal meet. A great option is a frameless glass door. They add a very modern and updated look to any bathroom. Sounds great but make sure you buy one that has low maintenance glass. Many glass doors need to be wiped down after each use in order to keep it clean and clear. If you don’t have the time to squeegee the glass after every shower, this option may not be for you.

The multitude of choices can be a little overwhelming for sure. Research is always the key to most home projects. Otherwise, as the saying goes, buyer beware!