Is Tiny Living For You?

Do you think you could live in a tiny house? We’re talking about houses that generally max out at about 400 square feet. These little houses are getting a lot of attention lately in the media but are they all that they’re cracked up to be? Before making the commitment to cramped quarters, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of it all.


·         The Price.  Obviously prices will vary depending on the size, features, materials and labor involved but they can range anywhere from $10,000-$50,000. With a smaller price tag comes either no mortgage payments (if you pay in full with cash), or very low monthly payments if you take out a loan or a mortgage.

·         Building Speed. This depends on a lot of factors such as size, materials, time spent on the project, etc. Some houses can be built in 2-3 months and some models can be built in as little as a day! If you plan on doing all the labor yourself and work a full time job too, it will obviously take longer.

·         Mobility. Some of these tiny houses are actually built on trailers so that you can literally pick up and move when your heart desires, comparable to a camper or RV. It seems you’d have to be retired and/or have no kids in order to take advantage of this feature though.

·         Less Responsibility. There’s no room for a lot of belongings so your lifestyle would become very practical and paired down. You also would not have to spend as much time on maintaining or cleaning your home.


·         Zoning Issues. Make sure you know the zoning laws in your area before you build. Many municipalities have a lot of restrictions and you may have nowhere to put your tiny house. Even some campgrounds have restrictions.

·         Mobility (can be a con too). If the house is not “on the grid” you’ll have to find places to hook up to water and electricity just as a person driving an RV would do. You’ll also have to deal with disposing of trash and waste water which is never pleasant.

·         No Room for Even a Small Family. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, having more than two people in a tiny area is asking for trouble, not to mention the fact that there really is no space for the multitude of things babies and small children need.

·         No Privacy and Few Comforts. You may miss having your own bedroom that actually has a door for privacy or having a full size stove and refrigerator. Also, teeny weeny bathrooms are never fun. Having to be practical and clever with everything in your house may get tiresome after a while.

Living in such tight quarters would require a BIG adjustment. It may be perfect for a short vacation somewhere where most time spent would be out of the house! But, as a lifestyle, you may want to think long and hard before you commit to the tiny life!