Home Shopping Etiquette

It’s prime house hunting season! It can be very exciting and fun to begin your search for the perfect home. However, before you start on your journey with your Realtor, there are a few etiquette rules to familiarize yourself with before you set foot in somebody else’s home. Here are few:

·         How nosey can you be while looking at a house? Feel free to open doors to look in closets, cabinets and pantries, etc. You are potentially buying the house so you need to know how big all the spaces are. Just don’t get too nosey and start rifling through belongings. "Look but don’t touch" is a good rule. This includes the homeowner’s furniture too. There’s really no need to sit on beds or couches unless you are having some kind of medical issue.

·         Don’t use the bathroom unless it’s a dire emergency. If you have a long day of showings try to stop at gas stations or restaurants and use the facilities there. Put yourself in the homeowner’s place - would you want strangers coming into your house and using your bathroom? Also, some homes may be vacant and winterized which means the utilities (i.e. water!) have been turned off. You will not be able to flush the toilet or wash your hands.

·         Don’t bring food into the house, especially if you have little kids coming with you. You never know what’s going to end up on the floor or where they will leave their sticky fingerprints. If you are attending an open house and there are snacks offered, eat in the kitchen preferably over a plate or napkin.

The Golden Rule applies once again….do unto others people’s houses as you would have them do unto yours!