Does Your House Smell?

Let’s be blunt. If you are trying to sell your home this spring, you might want to make sure that it doesn’t stink inside. That may seem very obvious but we can all go “nose blind” when it comes to our own houses. You may not even be aware that it smells. This can be an embarrassing subject for your Realtor to broach with you but it really is important. One of the first impressions a prospective buyer has of your home is the way it smells when they step inside. Here are a few of the more typical offenders:

·         Pets. Our little fur babies unfortunately can throw a monkey wrench into our efforts to sell a home. It’s really important to clean up after them even if it means getting your carpets steam cleaned. This will go a long way in getting rid of a lot of nasty odors. Also, keep your cat’s litter box clean and make sure the yard is free of dog poop. If possible, go one step further and remove your animals when there is a showing scheduled. You never know when the perfect buyer will walk through that door - you don’t want them to walk away because they had a severe allergic reaction to your pet.

·         Cigarette/Cigar Smoke. If you are a smoker and you’re trying to sell your home, it’s time to start smoking outside, or better yet, quit. It’s really difficult to get rid of the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke as it tends to be absorbed by carpets, upholstery, clothing, etc. It even settles on the walls leaving a nasty residue. Once again, steam cleaning carpets and furniture and wiping the walls down may help. It is a huge turn off to prospective buyers especially those who don’t smoke and it could be a deal breaker for many.  

·         Stinky Cooking Odors. Try not to cook any odiferous foods while your house is on the market. If you must have fish for dinner, cook it on the grill outside! Also, go healthy and don’t fry anything. That greasy smell is yucky and lingers forever. Open up your windows and air your house out as much as possible. Also, be careful if you plan to use air fresheners of any sort. They can be over powering too. Less is more when it comes to those perfumey deodorizers.

So open up those windows and let that fresh spring air in and release the stench of winter! It’s an easy and effective staging tip that often gets overlooked.