Sell Your Home this Spring!

Spring selling season is here! Typically, the number of houses that are for sale on the market increases significantly at this time. If you’re thinking about selling your house, chances are you will have some competition from other’s trying to do the same thing. Here are three easy tips to give you an advantage over your competition:

·         Hire a Realtor® you can trust. The Realtors® at will do a comparative market analysis and price your home competitively from the very beginning so you don’t lose valuable market time. They will walk you through the selling process step by step and help you understand exactly what they’ll do to get your home sold and what you’ll need to do to get your home market ready.  

·         One of the most obvious things to do (and it’s something that we’ve talked about several times here) is to clean, declutter and organize your home so that it will be seen in the best possible light. With more houses on the market for sale (and there may be several in your same neighborhood), you want yours to stand out in prospective buyers’ minds – in a good way. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

·         Another excellent way to make a great impression on buyers is to make sure that any repairs that need to be done to your home are taken care of, especially easy fixes such putting a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, or fixing a broken light fixture or electrical out. You could even hire a home inspector and really cover your bases so that there are no surprises before the sale of your home closes.

So this spring, get a jump on your competition and call any of our excellent Realtors® at We’ll help you get you and your home ready for a quick sale this spring!