Trees to Avoid Planting This Spring

Lately it’s been feeling a lot like spring around here which is pretty weird for February in Michigan! It might be a little too early to think spring but if you are going to plant trees in your yard in a few months, no time like the present to start thinking about what you ‘d like to plant. Well maintained landscaping, especially with trees, can increase the value of your property substantially. Some varieties, however, are more trouble than they’re worth and should be avoided. Here are a few you might consider crossing off your list:

·         Black Walnut: Gardeners beware! This tree excretes a toxin that will hinder the growth or even kill nearby plants, flower beds and/or vegetable gardens. It also produces a lot of nuts that are about the size of golf balls that will require a lot of extra yardwork to clean up.

·         Willow:  Beautiful to look at with their long, draping branches, but they have destructive root systems and weak wood as well. They also do not live very long, averaging about 30 years.

·         Silver Maple:  These trees are great for shade because they grow tall and are fast growing. However, because they are such speedy growers, the wood tends to be weak and brittle and may break in high winds and heavy storms. They also have a shallow root system which wreaks havoc on sewage pipes and drainage areas and may also crack your driveway and sidewalks.

·         Bradford Pear:  Everyone can recognize Bradford Pear trees, especially in spring when they bloom with a multitude of pretty white flowers. What’s not to like? Unfortunately, when they reach maturity, they tend to split and break. Not so pretty anymore. Not to mention the fact that the flowers don’t have the most pleasant odor to them.

There are so many different beautiful varieties of trees to choose from. Just do your research before you invest your time and money, your property value will thank you for it!