Happy 15th Birthday ChangingStreets.com!

We are 15!


0500, 15, January, 2001www.ChangingStreets.com the website and ChangingStreets.com the real estate company go live with all the fanfare a company with 38 followers (thanks to Doris, David, Biff and our families) and six listings could possibly muster (think firecracker).


Adam Abt, Mark Walmsley and Scott Hoyt, the founders of ChangingStreets.com, maniacally worked for 72 straight hours to put our graphics package into the web, constantly testing, iterating, retesting and repeating before sending it out into the world at 5:01am on January 15, 2001. We had to launch by then because we prepaid for radio ads that started at 6:00am!


The rest of the story is like any family; good days, great days, amazing days and quite frankly some really awful days. Over the next 15 years ChangingStreets.com grew, shrunk, grew again, moved, changed, fought, had twins twice, sent kids off to college, high fived clients, cried with clients, and just did the best we could. The constants over the years were our commitment to our markets, our deep respect and care for our clients, Adam Abt and Shannon Jones leading the way (many great leaders and agents showed up later), and the support of our families.


As of right now 6,827 families have been involved in transactions with ChangingStreets.com and we are very grateful. We grew from those initial six listings on our site to now over 20,000. ChangingStreets.com has a  presence in all of Southeast  Michigan and the Triangle in North Carolina.


It has been quite a journey from the folding tables in the basement, so please bear with us over the next couple of weeks as we piece together the story of our first 15 years and try to mention the people that helped make the journey so awesome.