Quick Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, what can you do to quickly get your house presentable for your guests without stressing yourself out in the process? If you don't have time to do a proper cleaning, just clean the most noticeable areas. The quick and easy cleaning tips below are great not only for upcoming holiday parties but also if you are trying to sell your home and you need to make a good first impression on potential buyers.

·         Clean your entryway. Wipe both sides of your front door and surrounding molding and walls. Get rid of finger prints and grime. Shake your door mats free of leaves and debris and sweep your porch area.

·         Vacuum the floors and dust noticeable surfaces.

·         Pay extra attention to your kitchen. People tend to gather there so make sure surfaces and floors are clean and swept. Pour boiling water down your drain and garbage disposal to kill any odors lurking there.

·         Clean the bathroom(s) that guests will be using. Put all toiletries (except the hand soap) in a basket and put them under the sink or in a closet. Scrub the toilet clean, wipe the sink and clean the mirror. Sweep the floor and make sure to put out fresh hand towels.

·         If you've cleaned your house and still notice a strange smell, try brewing some strong coffee to mask the odor. If you're cooking for your guests this shouldn't be a problem. Your house will be filled with all kinds of good aromas (if you're a good cook anyway!). 

·         Make room in your coat closet and have extra hangers for hanging your guests’ coats.

Don’t stress out too much. Most people will be coming to your party to enjoy your good company and good food and not to do a white glove test in your house!