Fall Planting for Spring

September 23rd was the first official day of fall, my favorite time of year.  Mother Nature naturally adds beauty to our yards with colorful leaves on the trees at this time of year but if you want some beautiful colors in the spring, now is the time to start planning and planting. Spring blooming bulbs such as crocus, tulips, daffodils and allium need to be planted in the fall and like most things in life there are tips and tricks to ensure better results.

·         Pick a color scheme. You could pick different shades of one color or look at a color wheel. Choose colors right next to each other or pick complimentary colors. On a color wheel, complimentary colors are opposite of each other, for example, purple and yellow, blue and orange, etc. Be creative!

·         Once you have your colors picked out, it’s time to shop for a variety of bulbs that have different blooming times and growth heights. This way your garden will be colorful and multidimensional all spring long.

·         Plant the bulbs in odd numbered groups depending on the size of the bulb. The smaller the bulb, the bigger the grouping to create more impact. A general rule:  the more generous the grouping of bulbs, the better.

·         Plant the same bulbs or groupings of bulbs in multiple locations. The repeated shapes and colors will make your garden more visually cohesive and impressive.

I know from experience that planting bulbs is a lot of work so try to buy perennials. This way you can look forward to your beautiful flowers arriving every spring for years to come, not to mention the added curb appeal to your home.