What Do Buyers Want?

How do buyers choose the home they ultimately buy? The following reasons may seem very obvious but they are key to a quick and successful sale.

·         Price. All sellers want to make a nice profit on the sale of their home. Also, they usually have an emotional attachment, especially if they’ve lived in it for a while and made improvements. This tends to make sellers inflate the value of their home when determining the sale price. If the price is overly inflated, your home may sit on the market with no showings. Also, even if you do get an offer close to your asking price, your home must still go through the appraisal process. If the house does not appraise, the deal usually dies.

A good agent will help you avoid this situation and not waste valuable time. ChangingStreets.com agents will do a comparative market analysis on your home and help you attract buyers immediately because your house will be priced correctly from the start.

·         Condition. It’s undeniable that buyers ideally want a move-in ready home in which they don’t have to change or fix anything. You don’t want your home to be overlooked because of outdated wallpaper, yucky carpet or a yard that’s not kept. Our agents will help you identify condition problems that should be addressed for a successful sale. Sometimes some easy fixes are just what buyers need to see your property in a new light.

·         Location. There are obviously certain areas in every city that appeal to more buyers. If you are in a less desirable area there are still things you can do to improve its location.  If there’s an ugly view, put up a privacy fence. Improve your landscaping and make sure your house is spotless. Price it competitively.

If you are thinking about selling your home, now is a great time to sell! It's a seller’s market in our area (which basically means there are more buyers looking than there are homes for sale). Call ChangingStreets.com! Our agents will help you determine a good price, identify condition problems and sell your home no matter its location. Buyers are looking!