Cringe Worthy Showings

Last week we talked about ideas to make your home memorable – in a good way – during showings. This week, just for fun, I asked the agents at to tell me some of their most cringe worthy showing stories. These are definitely extreme examples of what NOT to do while trying to sell your home (so as to protect the innocent, I won’t reveal the agents’ names J):

I was showing a house and all of the walls, except in the kitchen, were completely covered in mirrors - even the outlet covers! Not only that but the tables were glass top, crystal chandeliers everywhere and there were bowls and vases filled with glass marbles as well. It was so weird, sort of like a fun house effect!


Years back, before the convenience of the internet, when agents used to do house tours to view new listings we were at this one house and we all walked into one of the bedrooms. The walls were completely covered with pictures of naked women. Needless to say, many of the male agents lingered in that room a bit longer than they needed to!


I went into one of those homes in which you have to sign a mold release form and I have NEVER EVER seen mold like this home had. It had mold growing on the kitchen cabinets, counters, carpet, ceilings, etc. and was growing so big that it looked like a coral reef (all different colors, thicknesses, textures) in an ocean! The cabinets were furry like thick moss. It should have been bulldozed and no one allowed in.


I also had a showing in Lapeer that was condemned for health hazards due to the number of cats and cat urine in the home. It was like putting your head into a bucket of ammonia.  We had masks on but it still burned our eyes!


I went into one home in the summer, a dirty repo, and I had white pants on. I took a few steps in and felt something on my legs, looked down and I had hundreds and hundreds of fleas on my pants!! I RAN OUT about crying!


I showed a farm house in the country and the sellers were home. Their small children ran up to me when I opened the basement door (their mom didn’t know) and said ‘hey lady, you don’t want to go down there!’ Of course I was like why? They said, with huge eyes and holding their arms way out, ‘There are RATS THIS BIG DOWN THERE!!’ My clients and I decided we didn’t need to see the basement….lol!


When I first started showing homes and was showing one of my first repos, I had a very scary encounter. The house was dark, no lights, and one of those dirty, smelly homes that we hate to go into. I was with a woman and her child and they were two steps behind me in this dark, stinky house.  I told them to be careful and follow me close.  I had been told the power was on, but so far none of the switches worked.  We went into the kitchen and as I was feeling along the back splash I ran across a light switch….aha…switched it on and bingo there was a small light over the kitchen sink, along with a huge rat sitting on his hind quarters like a cartoon character with his teeth bared - ready to attack! I jumped back knocking the small child and his mom onto the kitchen floor.  We had a good laugh as we picked ourselves up and ran for the door!!


I was showing a repo home to one of my investors. I unlocked the door for her and she went in while I took a phone call outside. She had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t wait. All of a sudden she screamed and came running out the front door pulling her pants up. The house was infested with fleas and she was allergic. She had to actually go to the doctor for emergency treatment as she swelled up and could not sit down comfortably for days. So awful!!


“The worst showing I have had so far was just recently.  The house was priced right. It looked great from the outside other than it was obvious that the roof was in need of some repairs.  It was a newer build (2003) with great stats.  I beat my clients to the home and was horrified by what I saw when I opened the door.  The home was a total mess!  It looked like it was the local dumpster! I did a quick walk around to assess the situation.  The basement had at least 1 foot of water in it (floating mattress, gun cases, clothes, you name it).  There was mold that started in the basement and worked its way to the ceiling.  I could not believe it.  I was in and out in 2 minutes. When my clients showed up, I was standing in the driveway. I did not want them to enter. I thought it was a risk to let them in.  They insisted so I let them peek in the door.  Oddly they still wanted it!


It’s obvious from these stories that our agents at go above and beyond for their clients!