First Impressions

Most people have heard the expression, “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” Hopefully that first impression is a good one! This can’t be more true than when your home is for sale and you have potential buyers walking through during showings. Our agents at have compiled a list of things that they notice and that buyers appreciate as they walk through homes.

·         Cleaning was on the top of the list! From the windows to the carpet to the kitty litter box - it’s all noticeable and VERY important. Not only does it look better but it smells better too! Decluttering is also important. Keep countertops, tabletops, dressers, etc. clear. Even take everything off your refrigerator.

·         A bad smelling house might turn a buyer away at the door. Our agents always like it when they open the door and the scent of chocolate chip cookies or baked bread is the first thing they smell. Another great idea that was mentioned was to have something delicious warming in a crock pot. It will make the whole house smell good. Try to avoid too much room deodorizing spray and/or overbearing perfumey scents. Open some windows if possible.

·         Fresh paint and neutral paint colors are always appreciated. If the rooms of your house are painted with wild colors a lot of buyers will not be able to envision themselves living there. It’s amazing how neutral colors (whites, beiges, greys, etc.) can transform a room. Also, one agent mentioned that she notices trim work around doors and floors. If they are looking a little beat up, patch nail holes, dings and scratches and put a fresh coat of paint on them. Paint is the cheapest way to transform your house.

·         Some agents mentioned that having soft, relaxing music playing on the radio or on TV was a nice touch. It’s all about creating a nice ambiance. Music, nice lighting, good smells and comfortable temperature are key players in getting it right.


·         Of course the very first impression would be the outside of your home. One of our agents mentioned that having nice landscaping or at the very least making sure the lawn is mowed is important. She also said a clean front door and some flowers or a seating arrangement (if there’s room) on the front porch is a nice touch. 

These are all pretty much common sense tips but it’s amazing how effective they can be. If you are thinking of selling your home, any of our agents at can help you get your home sold. We can help you make that very important good first impression!