Plant a Tree!

In honor of Earth Day and National Arbor Day consider planting a tree in your yard or in your community. There are a number of terrific reasons as a homeowner and, in general, as a citizen of this earth for doing so. Here are a few:

·        Trees increase your property value. If your home is surrounded by beautiful trees the value of it may be 7%-25% higherthan similar properties without them.

·        As a homeowner the shade that trees provide is good for your wallet. It has been shown that during the summer, you could save up to 12% on cooling costs if your house is shaded. Trees also provide a wind break which protects your house as well.

·        It has been shown that neighborhoods with lots of trees have lower crime rates. This may be due to the mental health benefits that trees seem to provoke.

·        Studies show that having access to nature stimulates clearer thinking and even has healing properties. 

·        Trees help provide all of us with clean air and clean water. They provide oxygen and natural filtration for our air and water.

Besides being beautiful there are so many other reasons trees benefit us on this planet. So even if your property doesn’t have any trees on it now, there’s no time like the present. Future generations will thank you for it!