Dream House

I was looking on the MLS the other day to see if my “dream home” was already out there somewhere just waiting for me to buy it (if I won the lottery!). My criteria included: a Genesee County location, price range between $500,000 – $1,000,000, a large kitchen, in-ground pool, barn with stables for horses, a guest suite and a finished basement that would make a nice rec room. Quite a few listings came up but a lot of them were homes that had not even been built yet. However, there was one listing that met pretty much all of my dream criteria and it’s for sale as I type these words.

This particular home is located in Fenton. It meets all of my dream needs and sits on over 20 acres of land. It even has apond. The price is really quite affordable too, only $639,000! Of course, since this is a dream home, I would hire a pool man to take care of the pool and a stable guy that would do all the chores in the barn for the horses. While I’m at it, I would hire a housekeeper, gardener and a personal chef too. The sky’s the limit!

What would your dream home look like? Search our website, ChangingStreets.com, and see what you can find. There are thousands of homes to choose from! If you are in the market to buy and can prove that you actually have the funds (not just dreaming about it like me!), you can call ChangingStreets.com and make an appointment to see your perfect house. We would be happy to help you live your dream!