Christmas Memories

Last night I watched “A Christmas Story” with my kids. In the movie, the main character, Ralphie, really wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Everybody keeps telling him that he’s not going to get it because he’ll shoot his eye out. It’s a funny movie and in the end (spoiler alert) he ultimately gets his cherished BB gun.

I’m from a family of 5 kids and even though I didn’t get a ton of presents Christmas was always a magical time for me. One of the gifts I remember most was a doll that actually crawled. To get a toy like that was an extravagance and I loved it so much, even though it made a weird noise when it crawled!

For fun this week, I asked the agents at what was one of their most memorable Christmas gifts that they remember receiving as a child. Here are their responses:

My Dad gave me a Schwinn bike with chrome fenders. It was something special!  – Carol M.

My Green Machine! – Willie

A pinball machine and (second favorite) a stereo with huge speakers.  – Adam

Nintendo 64! Super Mario Bros! Pogo Ball and Popples. – Trisha

A doll in a little carrying case was special, not because of the doll itself but because it was given to me by a special Aunt.   – Margie

A little portable record player with its own carrying case. We used to take it to the beach.  – Carol S.

A Good Guys doll.  (From the movie “Chuckie”) – Ryan

My Huffy bicycle (I was in 4th grade).  Couldn’t ride it anywhere except in the basement until spring! – Brenda

Happy Holidays from all of us at May this magical season be a time to create more special memories with your family and friends!