Recipe for Success

About this time of year we are inundated with recipes to try for our upcoming Thanksgiving Day feasts. I’ve got a little bit different kind of recipe to present. It’s for those people out there who are thinking about selling their homes soon. It’s tried and true I promise. Follow this recipe closely and rest assured, the outcome will be a success!

Recipe for a Successful Home Sale

1 Knowledgeable and Professional Agent

1 Comparative Market Analysis (to establish the value of your home)

1 Competitive Price Point

Mix in some proper home staging, good curb appeal and some professional marketing and wait for the showing requests and offers to start rolling in. Check for doneness, adjustments might have to be made. You don’t want your house to “overcook” on the market.

Once a suitable offer has risen, proof the dough (so to speak) and close the (oven) door on the deal. The smell of victory will permeate the air!

At, we know this recipe by heart and have perfected it. All of our agents will add their own little nuance and flavor to the mix but the outcome will always be success!