Buying and Selling in the Fall

You might be surprised to hear that second to spring the fall season is the busiest time to sell houses. There are a number of factors that determine the ups and downs of the housing market but this time of year tends to bring out more serious buyers. Purchasing a home in the fall brings certain advantages.

Sometimes buyers who are shopping for houses in the spring have the mindset that they have a lot of time to look around and often take their time in making a decision. Sellers may also be thinking that they are going to hold out for that perfect offer. As I mentioned before, fall brings a little more urgency so that both buyers and sellers are moremotivated to get the deal done before the craziness of the holidays kicks in.

Issues such as getting kids settled in school and not wanting to move while Old Man Winter blows in your face also stimulates buyers and sellers to get the deal done. No one wants to disrupt their children’s school year too much or unload a moving truck in the snow.

Another factor that might spur a sale is that there are certain tax advantages for closing on a home before the year is over. Mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible and could result in a bigger tax return.

Don’t let any of these factors compel you to make a rushed decision. Call and one of our agents will help you buy the home that is just right for you. The first step is to get pre-qualified so that you know what kind of house fits into your budget. Our agents will be happy to guide you through the whole process from pre-qualification to closing on your dream home.

Also, if you are thinking of selling, don’t be afraid to put your home on the market right now. Fall is a great time to sell and will have your house sold in a timely manner, for a great price and without added transaction fees, document prep fees, extra commission fees, or other processing fees. You can’t beat that!