Reasons for Living in Michigan

We came across a cute online article ( listing reasons that everyone should live in Michigan at least once in their lives. Michigan has a lot to offer, from its beautiful scenery to its wonderful people. We asked our agents for some of their favorite reasons for living in our great state and here are some of their responses:

( The beautiful fall colors.

( We get to see all of the seasons at their best. Not all states get to see them all. We also have some of the most beautiful scenery year-round….too many places to list!

( Koegel (hot dogs!), Vernors, Mackinaw Island, Frankenmuth, Sleeping Bear Dunes.

( We have the convenience of using our hands for maps!

( The Machine Shop, Tiger baseball games overlooking the “D”, and beaches everywhere!

( We all love the Great Lakes…….so many memories of great weekend lake activities. 

( All sports  are available…..water ski, snow ski, swim, hike, bike, climb sand dunes. There’s  just about everything within a short drive.

( Michigander’s have the nicest lawns in the US! Our season is so short that we take pride in the few warm months of having a lawn.

( A couple of miles from our office we get to see the amazing rows and rows of 1000’s of trucks that were just made at GM’s Flint Assembly, ready to be shipped all over the US. Love that... 'MERICA!

( The Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle.

( Sander’s hot fudge and “bumpy cake,” Buddy’s pizza and Better Made potato chips.

( Traverse City cherries and wines and all the great craft beers around the state.

( Michigan sunsets.

The list could go on and on! Despite the harsh winters (2014 was record breaking), there are too many fun and interesting things about Michigan that must be experienced to understand. These are just a few reasons why we love and are proud to call Michigan our home.