Tales from ChangingStreets.com (Part 2)

Welcome back! Let’s dive right in for Part 2 of Tales from ChangingStreets.com. Get comfortable and imagine the theme song to the Benny Hill Show. (For anyone too young to remember what that sounds like just Google it!)

The first story begins with a very adorable but rambunctious dog that did pretty much all he could do to stop the sale of his owner’s house.  The dog should have been safely locked in the garage but as our agent arrived at the house she found her buyer in her car afraid to get out. The dog was running around the yard. As they were getting out of their cars, the dog ran towards them, so excited, nearly knocking them down. He was very friendly but he wanted to play so he proceeded to throw every shoe the owners had in the garage out onto the lawn (somebody was bound to toss one for him, right?) Our agent and buyer ran all over the yard trying to get the dog wrangled back into the garage but he was having none of it.

Surrendering, they decided to go into the house and as they were unlocking the lockbox, the dog stole the pen that was in the agent’s hand and ran. The buyer chased the dog all over the yard trying to get the pen away so he didn’t choke and after some fancy maneuvering the pen was retrieved. That dog was going to play even if it was just a game of chase.

Exhausted, they entered the house trying to block the dog from getting in but to no avail, he charged through their legs and into the house. Just then an ear piercing alarm went off (apparently the owner forgot to disarm the security system). While the buyer was trying to look around the house, our agent called the homeowner and attempted to turn off the alarm, all the while continuing to chase the dog. Startlingly a voice from the alarm company came over the intercom and demanded they identify themselves along with the alarm code. 

As they tried to explain the situation, the voice informed them that the owner and the police were being called. Our agent and buyer started to walk to the door to wait outside (because the alarm was piercing their ear drums) when the dog came happily around a corner with a pair of silky, sexy underwear in his mouth. The chase was on again with the dog but soon a decision was made to draw the line at reclaiming the owner’s undies. Heading out the door, the dog followed willingly behind them, undies still clenched in his mouth. As they got into their cars, the seller’s agent arrived with the police not far behind. Good or bad, that’s one house our agent and buyer will never forget!

Some showings are funny like the one above and some are just plain icky. One of our agents related an experience he had when a buyer accidentally walked into a sludge and water filled basement. Unknowingly the basement had flooded and there was a layer of crud on top masking any reflection of water which created the optical illusion of a solid floor. The buyer walked down a few stairs and walked right into the muck. They were so startled that they lost their footing and guess who had to go in after them?

At one showing, the agent reached in to turn on a light in a room only to be greeted by a large rat on the counter (I think this would scare me more than a ghost). Another agent fell into a pool trying to prevent a pregnant lady from falling. Or how about showing a house to prospective buyers and finding a mysterious man asleep in the basement?!

Agents really do have to go above and beyond sometimes. I guess it’s all in a day’s work for them. I really enjoyed hearing all of their stories and since every day brings new showings and new experiences, who knows what the next chapter of Tales from ChangingStreets.com will bring. You’ll just have to wait and see.