Tales from ChangingStreets.com (Part 1)

Real estate agents obviously hope for the best possible scenario while showing a home, however sometimes it doesn’t always work out as planned. What are some of the strangest experiences you’ve had while showing a house? This is the question I asked the agents here at ChangingStreets.com. For Part 1 let’s set the mood and imagine a little scary music is playing in the background.

One dark and stormy day, with the wind howling and thunder crashing (not really but it sounds good with this story), a buyer wanted to inspect the crawl space underneath the house. As any crawl space would be, it was dark and dirty with spider webs everywhere. He bravely crawled in and was startled and spooked when he heard a noise and saw a mist in front of him. He seemed frightened so our agent peeked in the opening wondering what was happening under there, perhaps he was seeing a ghostly apparition (doesn’t every dark, creepy crawlspace have a resident ghost?). Everyone got a good laugh when he realized it was just the mist of his breath in the cool air underneath the house. Then, a few seconds later a black cat followed by a skunk came running out across the driveway. I think I’d rather see a ghostly mist than be sprayed by a skunk or scratched up by a cat. Luckily the buyer didn’t have to experience either one!

And speaking of ghostly experiences, one of our agents had a buyer who claimed to be very intuitive and in tune with spirits. As the showing progressed the buyer went down to the basement. Our agent could hear the woman talking down there and thought she was asking her a question so she yelled down the stairs and asked the buyer to repeat herself. The woman said she was just “seeing who was in the basement” (spirit-wise!). Later, as she was coming up the stairs, out of nowhere there was a loud banging noise as if someone was pounding on the furnace or the duct work with a baseball bat. As our agent about jumped out of her skin wondering what was going on, the woman said “they want us to leave now!” – “they” being the spirits in the home (ok, who got goose bumps besides me?). Needless to say that brought an end to the showing pronto!

Meeting so many different people with such varied experiences is bound to produce stories beyond our wildest imaginations.  Each showing brings its own drama and circumstance. Our agents have many more interesting stories to tell so let’s meet again next week for more Tales of Adventure from ChangingStreets.com….