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If you are looking to jump start your real estate career we would love to speak to you. We are ready with leads in hand in Oakland and Genesee County, Michigan for buyer's and seller's agents.

We had 5 agents that sold over 50 units last year, agents not teams...our system works.

We also have new market opportunities available in Oakland County, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

We are beta testing our exclusive market centers in North Carolina's Triangle and are looking for operating partners. We have state licensing, corporation, E&O and technology platforms. We are looking for the RIGHT broker that sees long term and wants a partner growing their own business. We will give you exclusive marketing and lead rights to your area of specialization. The basic financial package looks like this:  We earn 5% on your production, +10% on leads we generate, exclusive rights, NO FEES for any of our technology, full access web, blogs, consulting, business guidance and branding. This is the best deal on the planet! Our system will double your business in 12 months! We have a track record! 

We used our system to grow same store sales 50% this year. We built a foundation to grow 40% next year in a parallel market. We doubled sales every year for our first four years. You can too, with the right assistance.

If your company didn’t post those numbers last year, you are not alone. I had deep insight into over 80 offices as VP of Strategy for one of America’s biggest real estate franchisors. I can tell you, people in our industry don’t meet their potential because they don’t know what it is.

Call me, I will model your business and show you that by working together we can grow your business and make your life easier.

We are the consumer focused turnkey solution for brokers looking to open or rebrand a real estate brokerage.