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"The sharing of information with top agents is a huge benefit. Seeing what builds value in different markets, is not only a huge benefit to sellers but it is also a practice that is very rare. In today's increasingly national and international market it is crucial to have those insights. Most agents have a hyper-local mindset, and that is only effective in today's market when shared with far-reaching marketing experience."
- Scott Hoyt.

A great listing agent has local knowledge, national perspective and the ability to inspire buyers. 
In addition to great experienced agents, we use a team of professionals to tell the story of your home and price it effectively. 
We work with HomeDipity! and use the  Aspirational Listing System℠. This system creates value at every buyer touch point. HomeDipity! spent years researching data, buyer behavior, and trends, and doing field research revealed ways to inspire today's buyers. 
There are three equally important parts in the sale of your home, the Aspirational Listing System℠ we call them Prep, List, Sell.
The Prep Stage ensures your home will exceed buyer expectations. Our 53 points of emphasis on preparation will ensure your home stands out from the crowd.
The List Stage is the result of days of careful curation. The professional photographs and copy combined with buyer targetted marketing tell the story of your home to buyers on their terms. The words, fonts, photo order, number of photos are all put together to inspire buyers.  You need a listing that understands how to put value in your experience.
The Sell Stage is when our negotiation skills and data analysis shine.
Above is the quick tease of what we do, there is a ton of science, analysis, and research that goes into our Aspirational Listing Packages℠. We are the only agents that understand how value and expectations are throughout the experience with your home. We do not do it alone. We team with professionals across consumer-focused businesses to find new ways to find and inspire buyers.
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All + Homedipity! Aspirational Listings℠ include:
Professional Photography and Copy
Professional Price Analyisis + 3 Digital Models
Custom Curation
Property Boost℠ Marketing including exclusive social media and over 80 websites

Take a look at some of our work:
10283 Diamond Park + HomeDipity! team leader, Scott Hoyt, has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, MLive, Triangle Business Journal, Raleigh News & Observer, Curbed. Scott also works with agents across the country consulting on high-value listings.